We have expanded our reach, engaging more users who need the website service. We have achieved this by focusing on building new partnerships while strengthening existing stakeholder relationships, which has led to more Victorians living with a disability accessing sport and active recreation opportunities via the AAA Play website.

This financial year has been an important one in establishing the foundations necessary to take AAA Play to new heights.

Some of our key achievements for 2017-18 include:

  • The restructure and appointment of new roles within the AAA Play team to expand our services;
  • Development of the AAA Play website to support increased security, database accuracy, and customer insights;
  • Front-end web development to increase the capacity for aaavic.org to offer state wide sport and active recreation options for all Victorians;
  • Development of key stakeholder relationships with the 9 Regional

Sports Assemblies (RSAs) in preparation to expand the AAA Play reach to regional Victoria;

  • Increased awareness of our work among the State Sporting Associations (SSAs) through the Vicsport and AAA Play stakeholder partnership;
  • Development of relationships with metropolitan Melbourne leisure centres in preparation for new AAA Play service offerings;
  • Launch of the Vicsport and AAA Play SSA promotional video.

Among these achievements, AAA Play has continued to move from strength to strength, growing its presence by providing people living with a disability easy access to accurate information on inclusive sport and recreation programs.

Month-on-month website usage has grown, bringing the average number of unique visitors to more than 2,500 people per month. This equates to around 72,000 unique visitors since AAA Play began in 2014. These users have engaged with AAA Play more than 117, 000 times and viewed more than 330,000 pages!

AAA Play continues to deliver a consistent message across a variety of digital mediums, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email newsletters. This year saw the launch of the AAA Play YouTube channel to enable ease of access to the variety of videos that support AAA Play’s message, including the Captain Access series, and the Vicsport and AAA Play SSA Promotional video. AAA Play also successfully hosted its first live Facebook event and increased the number of followers and overall engagement across all social media platforms. AAA Play’s increase in promotion and community engagement has resulted in a significant increase in the number of people who have accessed the AAA Play service in the 2017-18 period.

Our unique website users, which indicates the number of individuals who access the website grew to 19,721; an increase of 5.99% on the previous year and a growth of 5.86% in new users.

The number of sessions, which is an indication of loyalty and repeat visits to the AAA Play website increased by 0.83% to 25,294 for the year, with each visitor engaging with an average of 2.73 pages per session. 2017-18 is a demonstration of the commitment the AAA Play program, Reclink Australia, and Sport and Recreation Victoria have in promoting inclusive sport and recreation programs in Victoria. The consideration and planning given to this year’s activities will enable 2018-19 to flourish, with new initiatives to better support a broader community. A big thank you to the Victorian State Government for their support of AAA Play through the Department of Sport and Recreation, Vicsport and all our SSA, LGA, and RSA partners for their great work providing sport and recreation opportunities for Victorians living with a disability.