This month the AAA Ambassadors and AAA Play team brushed up on their public speaking skills with a workshop facilitated by Sarah from Improve your Public Speaking ( Sonny, Evie-Rose, Emma, Chelsea, Andrea, Sjet, Dotti, Laura and Tony joined together on Microsoft Teams for a virtual training session. Our ambassadors generously give their time to advocate the importance and accessibility of sport and recreation, so we wanted an opportunity to give something back. And with all that advocacy work, a few hot tips about presenting will go a long way.

The workshop covered how to increase public speaking ability and communicate confidently and effectively every time. We learned how to build confidence; why we get nervous; 6 quick things to try, including breathing, grounding, changing your thinking, being enthusiastic and practicing; a structure for giving a talk, how to practice and how you sound.

It was a great experience and everyone did well to keep attention for the full two hours, including Sonny and Evie-Rose, the two youngest of the bunch. Be sure to look out for the next time our AAA Ambassadors give a presentation, because they’re sure to knock your socks off.