Useful information for athletes who are blind or vision impaired from Achilles Running Club Melbourne:

"Sighted-guiding is considered care-giving and allowable under the four reasons to leave home. Exercise can also be done with one other person from a different household. Therefore, if any athlete with a disability and guide pair wish to continue running together, you may do so, and we highly recommend wearing "blind athlete"/"sighted guide" Achilles club shirts/uniforms when undertaking outdoor exercise to ensure that others give you a wide berth when running. We also recommend keeping your guiding circle as small as possible; run with the same local people if you can, rather than a series of different people. 

However, with the rate of community transmission of COVID-19 being markedly higher than last time, we urge all members to first seek methods of independent exercise where possible. So that's treadmills, stationary bikes/rowers etc., at-home aerobics, walking, or attending our most amazing Achilles Strength class on Wednesdays. 

If you have a disability and are feeling particularly isolated and have no other means of independent exercise, I invite you to reach out to us at or on our Facebook group to request support to access outdoor physical activity. As runners/walkers/outdoor junkies, we all understand the importance of "just getting out and going for a run" to help us maintain our mental health. We will continue to publish requests for guided running and walking via our newsletter."

For more information, contact Achilles running club email: