Diakosmos Dance Academy

Is your child a Diakosmos Dance Academy Kindred Spirit?

Does your child have a natural passion for dance? Do they feel music and move naturally? Do they sing to all who enters your home? Do they dress up and produce dramatic shows?

As a parent or carer, you may feel that trying to find the right place to nurture this creativity has taken you on a long journey. Perhaps your child is nervous about the idea of trying something new, meeting new people, or performing in front of others, while having a real passion for the Performing Arts.

If you have longed to find a place where your child can belong and grow in their own unique way, Diakosmos understands and helps to nurture your child’s creative experience.

What happens at Diakosmos?

We laugh together, we tell stories and we learn new skills, in our own time.

We are a supportive team, in which every child is seen and heard.

Our programs provide a Performing Arts culture that is inclusive of children of all abilities and additional needs.

Imagine walking into a class for the first time, where your child is welcomed with a smile from staff and students. Our highly trained staff sense the joy of dance in every child we meet, and it is our priority to nurture this passion in your child. We see their potential, and every student has the opportunity to find inner joy and shine at Diakosmos.


“We love Diakosmos Dance Academy and the teachers are fab! Great Opportunities and a lovely space away from the fast world we live in.” Jackie parent.

For more details please Contact Dianne: 0413 999 845 or dance@diakosmosdance.com.au

Classes: online and at the studio in term 3, restrictions permitting.

Check out the video of their classes here!

For more information, see their website here