As can happen, life becomes a little bit insane; in my case, life has been ‘quite’ full on with work on a PhD article to be submitted before Christmas, conferences, awards, training, and supporting friends at different stages of their life’s journey. 

Today I am taking a breath. And I couldn’t have asked for a better breath of air to take. I am currently sitting in my friend apartment, looking out at the great surf courtesy of the Gold Coast. The sun is shining, it actually feels like summer (hint hint Melbourne; feel free to get your butt into gear), and the day hasn’t been planned down to the last minute. Yes, I am fighting a strong urge to work on tables for my PhD article, send out emails, read the latest mindfulness post, and organise logistics for next week. But as I learnt from Dr Adam Fraser earlier this year, each month one needs to set aside a day that isn’t planned, a day for spontaneity, a day to recharge the batteries, a day to sit on the beach and soak up some Vit D (yeah baby!). And a day to write a blog post!

Ironically, I came across this little snippet during my day and it seemed rather appropriate to include in the current post:

 Words of wisdom blog 

The past 24 hours has reminded me of the importance of recovery, rejuvenation and relaxation. Given our 24/7 society, the constant bombardment of information, and our busier lifestyles, the importance of taking time out cannot be understated. I am reminded of ‘the paradox of slow’ coined by Carl Honóre – when you slow down, you actually heal faster, think faster, are more productive, creative, happier, healthier, and increase your wellbeing. Naturally, there are times to be fast. Just as equally, there are times to be slow. We need to be more attuned to completing tasks at their natural frequencies rather than attempting to eat brekkie while doing the make-up and talking on the phone. A ‘less is more’ approach, quality over quantity.

And I am the first person to put up my hand and say that, ‘Yes, I try and jam as much into life as possible’. But I also need to walk my talk. The more you can look after yourself, the better you are able to help other people. Both of these aspects are pivotal to our wellbeing and our enjoyment of life.  So, I have scheduled my ‘Han’s Day’ for December’, my day where I am not allowed to make any plans. My challenge for you is to join me; what day have you scheduled?


Han Day December

Until next time,

Ride with purpose, ride with a smile, ride in the moment,


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Photo courtesy of Arnaud Domange