Friday, November 20, 2020

A cornerstone of all of their work at I CAN is the importance of celebrating Autistic passions and interests.

This year’s Expo will be an all-day, virtual event that is free and open to all ages worldwide. Participants will be able to choose where and how they engage on the day. 

They have 50 Autistic young people from across Australia who will be presenting on their passions, talents and insights. Some of the unforgettable themes this year include The Power of Animal Connection, Practical Autistic Daydreams, Autistic Aborginal Artist, The Lore of Splatoon Games, The Wonders of Poultry and How COVID Killed Cash: Society’s Transition To Digital Payment Methods! You won’t want to miss this uniquely Autistic event!

Complementing these amazing young people will be content sessions and Q&As aimed at parents, schools and employers, along with keynote addresses from I CAN mentees and mentors, a virtual exhibition and more. They will close the day with reflections from Wenn Lawson, Yenn Purkis, Tim Chan and Steve Silberman and myself on Changing The Narrative Around Autism.

For more information or to register, please click here