Everyone’s Moomba!

There are some exciting accessible events happening this long weekend, including Melbourne’s Moomba Festival 8 March - 11 March. The Committee For Melbourne Future Focus Group program are completing a project with the vision of ensuring Moomba is an inclusive event whereby people with disability participate as inclusively as able-bodied people do.

How will they achieve this?
In 2019, the Committee For Melbourne Future Focus Group will undertake a number of activities with a view to improving inclusiveness of the Moomba Festival for future years:
Working with the organisers of the Moomba Master program, they have arranged for the inclusion of water ski exhibition event for athletes with disability to participate in.  World Champion and record holder Jason Sleep will perform on each day of the festival. Barefoot skier Sam Bell and skier Brendan Paige will also participate. With community support and interest, it’s hoped that athletes with disability are included in the program every year.  Their water ski schedule is:

Friday 8th March @ 2pm
Saturday 9th March @ 9am
Sunday 10th March @ 12.30pm
Monday 11th March @ midday

There will also be a marquee at Moomba 2019, located adjacent to the water sports accessible viewing area, on the banks of the Yarra (Boathouse Drive, opposite Palm Lawn). At the marquee, they will seek to engage with people with disability (and their families) in order to understand the challenges and opportunities for further inclusivity at Moomba in future years. Thanks to Scope and Association for Children with a Disability who will be present in the marquee during the event. Jason will also be appearing in the marquee when he’s not on the water.
The Committee For Melbourne Future Focus Group have the opportunity to present their findings and recommendations for improvement to the City of Melbourne’s Accessibility Committee in June 2019.  They expect these conclusions to form the basis of improvements to Moomba’s inclusivity in future years.
Everyone’s Moomba is working collaboratively with the City of Melbourne to enhance the experience of the festival for people with a disability. The more support and input they have, the better Moomba will be for everyone.

For more information on this initiative and to show your support, please contact Laura Kerr Melvin at Committee for Melbourne - lmelvin@melbourne.org.au