Online mental health first aid training for thriving communities

Every workplace, school and community will benefit from investment in Mental Health First Aid training. Safer Communities is a leading proivider of this evidence based and practical course. 

Safer Communities is proud to be delivering both online and face to face training as social restrictions loosen.


Online Mental Health First Aid is available in Workplace or Community versions. Participants must undertake two learning components - first a very attractive self-paced learning module and then follow up attendance at a live webinar with Safer Communities. Total cost is $220.00 (inc GST)

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Every year many people undertake regular First Aid courses. Mental illness is common and can have a significant impact on young people. Mental Health First Aid is designed to help you appraoch and support a person experiencing a problem with their mental health

Australian Government health data indicates that one in six adolescents will experience some type of Mental Illness in any given year. One half of all people who will ever develop a Mental Illness, will experience the onset during their adolescence. All adults who live or work with adolescents need the knowledge and skills to provide Mental Health First Aid.

Youth Mental Health First Aid training is highly regarded because it teaches PRACTICAL and EVIDENCE BASED approaches. Research has shown that MHFA can help you to support an adolescent with onset or worsening of a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis. Research has also demonstrated that completing MHFA training improves your own mental health.