The National Disability Strategy came out ten years ago in 2010. As it was a ten-year plan it is now time for a review.

It was the first time all levels of Australian governments had come together to make a plan like this for all people with disability, all across Australia.

The strategy outlined the actions governments would take to build more inclusive communities, and make sure people with disability had the same opportunities as others in the Australian community.

Importantly it also set out what actions the government will take to make sure it lives up to its responsibilities under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Stage 1 of the process started last year with community consultations. As of this week, they have started Stage 2 of the consultations.

They want to talk to people with disability and their families about what should happen with the next National Disability Strategy.

There is a new Position Paper which outlines what people said in the first lot of consultations last year. You can find the Position Paper here.
You can find out how to make a submission here.