National Youth Disability Summit
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 to Saturday, October 3, 2020

Children and Young People with Disability Australia presents the National Youth Disability Summit. The Summit will take place online over five days from Tuesday 29 September – Saturday 3 October.

The summit has been co-designed by a group of 20 young people with disability. The summit will be a chance for young people with disability to get together and discuss their experiences and the issues they are passionate about. It is free for all young people (30 and under) with disability in Australia.

Each day of the Summit has a different theme - Education, Employment, Mental Health, NDIS & Housing, and Access, Awareness & Inclusion.

The first of the four topics is dedicated ‘youth only’ days – that is, days specifically for young people with disability to attend to hear from, learn from and connect with other young people with disability from around Australia.

Thursday 1 October will be an ‘Open Day’ where we invite policy- and decision makers, non-young people with disability, advocacy organisations and the wider community to join us to consider the theme of Awareness, Access and Inclusion. This will be a unique opportunity for the wider community to hear from a range of young people with disability speaking about issues they care about.

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