Midlands Golf Club

Sports Central supports inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people with a disability across the Central Highlands region. Sports Central partner with a range of organisations to grow capacity, establish and support participation opportunities, and increase participation and diversity in programs and competition pathways.

In August 2020 Sports Central undertook consultation with people living with disability to determine the needs for inclusive sport and recreation opportunities within the region. Amongst many findings, this process identified a lack of opportunity for people living with intellectual disability to participate in community golf.

To fill this participation gap, Sports Central and Golf Australia partnered with Midlands Golf Club to establish new all abilities offerings for children and adults living with intellectual disability. In November 2020, the Midlands Golf Club launched its Get Into Golf All Abilities program for adults living with intellectual disability. The 5-week introductory golf program was designed specifically for adults with disability and used game-based activities to teach participants the fundamentals of the sport in a fun and inclusive environment.

Due to popular demand, the Club will host another Get Into Golf All Abilities program in early 2021, and plans to launch a MyGolf All Abilities program for children living with disability.

Throughout the program development period Sports Central supported Midlands Golf Club with the following:

• Development and support for the design of the two new inclusive sporting programs
• Referral to inclusion training for coaches, officials and volunteers
• Supported the preparation of funding submissions for the programs
• Marketing and promotion of the inclusive programs to the disability sector and broader community
• Supported the Club to work through Golf Australia’s Inclusive Sport Framework.

Moving forward, Sports Central will continue working with Midlands Golf Club to ensure the Club is offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for people with a disability, to enable the new all abilities participants the opportunity to transition into ongoing club members if desired.