A child wearing a mask

People living across the Melbourne Metropolitan Area and Mitchell Shire will be required to wear a mask when they leave their homes, unless they have an exemption. If you live in regional Victoria outside the Mitchell Shire, masks are recommended if you cannot safely social distance (for example at the supermarket).

Here are some tips from Amaze for autisitc people and their families.

This social story from America on how to safely wear and remove a mask may help you or your family.

 Harvard Health Publishing has some specific advice for autistic people and their families.

  • There are different mask options and different materials. Use of scarves and bandanas are also allowed. We encourage each person to explore what works best for them.
  • Start by practicing wearing the face mask for short durations of time, allowing for breaks when needed.
  • Plan initial outings in low-demand environments that are quiet and calm, to experience success wearing the face mask.
  • Chew gum or suck on a hard candy while wearing a mask, for distraction and to improve the smell of recycled air beneath the mask.
  • Demonstrate using the face mask on a toy or a family member.Use a photo of the person wearing a face mask as a visual cue to wear the mask before outings. 

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has some resources you might find helpful:

If you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons

  • Speak to your regular health professionals for advice on your situation.