Unstoppable with TOM's help

Normally, TOM: Melbourne creates and builds products that improve the lives of people with a disability, where there is no obvious or current solution in the market. They focus on making assistive technology more accessible and affordable for people with complex needs.

They work with people with a disability who have a specific need, "Need-Knowers", and connect them with a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, industrial designers, health professionals and tradespeople, "Makers". 


However, in this strange time, they can't hold their regular 'Makeathons' to help people in need, so they have come up with a beautiful and innovative solution. This is their message:

Dear TOM Community,

We know that you are all going through a lot right now in this strange and uncertain time. Whilst we are all at risk of COVID-19 there are some people in our community who are more vulnerable and in greater need of support. Although we've been advised to take social distancing measures, we believe it is equally important to build a greater sense of community by supporting our Need-Knowers and other at-risk community members.

We have created an online TOM Support Network on Facebook for you all to join. This is a safe place to share, express and interact during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage posts from Need-Knowers and other at-risk individuals seeking support, as well as posts from those wanting to offer a helping hand to others.

We are a strong and united TOM community! Let's stick together and be there for eachother during this challenging time.

Stay brave and grounded,
TOM team xx