VicSport Member Wellness Portal

In these difficult and extraordinary times, Vicsport have teamed up with our performance partners Global Wellness Tracking to create the Vicsport Member Wellness Portal.

A specifically designed page on Global Wellness Tracking's website, the Vicsport Member Wellness Portal has been created to support the sport and recreation community including players, officials, staff, committee members, board members and supporters as well as family and friends.

Creating positive habits is a great focus of our time and subscribing to the Vicsport Member Wellness Portal grants access to a multitude of free resources including:

  • Short courses, blogs, podcasts and videos across every aspect of fitness, function and well-being
  • 30 day trial of the broad 'Move123' content covering over 100 videos in ten inclusive categories of stretching, breathing, yoga, pilates, dance, cardio, strength, fight, mediation and barre
  • The daily wellness tracker
  • Your own personal and secure data locker to set goals, track progress and improve in all areas of fitness

Being proactive in tracking your wellness is essential, especially during times like these and Global Wellness Tracking can assist you in finding your balance.

After subscribing, you will be automatically invited to a free upgrade of your account and trial of the Move123 content.
Global Wellness Tracking are experts in creating exceptional well-being through positive habitual change in active living and education and can be contacted for your clubs specific performance and wellness needs at

Subscibe to the VicSport Member Wellness Portal here.