Reclink Australia

Reclink Australia provides evidence-based sport and art programs to disadvantaged Australians including those impacted by unemployment, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic and community violence, recidivism, mental and physical health issues, problem gambling, social isolation, and socio-economic disadvantage to create socially inclusive, life-changing opportunities.

In partnership with more than 450 community organisations, Reclink Australia's programs create pathways to improved health and well-being, education, and employment outcomes for all participants.

Reclink Australia provides and promotes over 11,000 sport, recreation and arts activities involving 105,000 participation opportunities to disadvantaged communities throughout Australia each year.

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing safety measures, Reclink Australia has launched the Reclink Connect program. This new program is based upon the Reclink Australia traditions of socially engaging those most vulnerable in our community and is designed to keep the community as connected and engaged as possible during the COVID-19 restrictions.

The Reclink Connect program consists of the following six key components:

  1. Connect in each location with all known participants/players in our programs impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions, via weekly phone calls/emails/Facebook chats.
  2. Consult and coordinate our activities with member agencies who are also subject to restrictions to ensure no person is disengaged, and to ascertain the recreation/sports equipment needs in each supported residential setting.
  3. Distribute via the Reclink Sports Share program packs of sports equipment to all our member agencies and targeted families to build capacity, stay at home, keep active, and reduce boredom.
  4. Establish Team communication platforms, blogs or chatrooms in each location for all participants to connect and maintain communication with each other, and the team as a whole.
  5. Create and regularly post new instructive drills, demonstrations and activities for participants to use to maintain their personal fitness and their connection with team training.
  6. Work with State Sporting Associations to deliver online training packages to participants i.e. AFL Level 1 Coaching, Umpire training and other relevant foundation training modules.